KATAMI Consultancy

About Us


Katie Szade started her career in a cocktail bar, where the love and passion for the Hospitality industry began. She was soon promoted and ran several bars, Champagne bar and restaurant in a 5* hotel (Hyatt). A total of 10 years experience in Hospitality Operations.

Human Resources has always been an interest and whilst at Andaz Hotel by Hyatt, she transferred to an HR team, where she ran internal projects, Recruitment and managed HR systems. After a few years, Katie moved to D&D London as a Recruiter, from where she took a big leap of faith and moved to Technology. For seven years she worked in the capacity of Project Manager/Systems Implementation Consultant at Fourth, a company for many years unrivalled in the space of Software for the Hospitality industry. Katie project managed and implemented HR and Scheduling systems into over 60 customers in the UK and EMEA i.e Honest Burgers, Jumeirah Hotels, Rick Stein Restaurants, etc.

Katie then implemented Data Analytics software, to help customers make better-informed business decisions by understanding their data from many sources i.e. Finance, HR, Payroll, Scheduling, Purchase to Pay and Inventory and Point of Sale.

In 2020, Katie saw the opportunity and wanted to help businesses affected by the pandemic by sharing her professional expertise and founded KATAMI Consultancy Ltd - the perfect way to outsource the implementation of Tech and Non-Tech projects for the Hospitality, Retail and FinTech sectors.

Name Origins

KATAMI Consultancy Ltd

Katie, our Founder, decided to leap into the unknown and set up the startup in 2020 (during COVID) to help struggling businesses with internal projects and software implementation. She wanted to name the business in a way it would be easy to remember, yet unique.

Katie wanted the name to be easy to pronounce for an international audience. She also wanted to somehow capture her personality within the name. But didn't want for it to be directly a name/surname scenario with Ltd in the end.

There were a few ideas that seemed like a good name. In the end, it was the likelihood of combining the Polish names with Japanese sounding word, which would remind the prospects of Japanese precision and hardworking culture.

KATAMI is a merger between two names. KATArzyna (first name) and MIlena (middle name) of our Founder. It also means EXECUTIONERS in Polish (we just focus on executing plans and projects 😉) and MOMENTO / SOUVENIR in Japanese (keepsake of good impression). It can mean RIGHT SIDE / SHOULDER, which we interpret as being honest and straightforward - Straight from the Shoulder.

And here it was, a perfect name!